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Why there are so many one star review of my best Mac App ‘Editor for Access Database’ ?

accessPrevious article said much about the App customer review,  after two and half years past,  there’s not much change about the customer rating.

  • App Name Change
    My App has renamed to ‘ACCDB MDB Database Manager’ and then to current  ‘Editor for Access Database’,  because I got email from someone saysto Apple  I can’t use ‘Access’ in my App icon and title.
    After the name change, I lost quite a lot sales (lost about 60% sales). Strangely I noticed last month there’s another App  (Access Database Viewer) rank to top with similar name to my App and has quite limited feature, not sure what exactly happened.
  • The features
    My App still have the most features.accessaccessaccess
  • The Reivew
    * Several review says my App don’t support the Query of Access, then give a one star.  My app description didn’t say it support Query,  and all the other App doesn’t support Query either, but they didn’t get one star review complain about no Query feature.

    And also some review says ‘The app is horrible. So limited and basic’, there’s so many features, I am not sure what they are looking for. And the other feature less App don’t have such review either.

    And you can see the five star reviews in the other App, some says the App can do just export then five star. And some just says it’s good it can open files then five star.

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Best MS Access viewer and editor on Mac OS X

In my opinion our “ACCDB MDB Database Pro” and “Access Database Manager” are the best Microsoft Access Database viewer and editor on Mac OS X right now.  The two App’s main difference is the latter one have in-app purchase product in it. But sometimes I am just confused why user still buying other App which didn’t update in two or three years, and that App have much less features. Maybe it’s because we are lacking marketing, currently all this is in nature growth, we did nothing marketing work yet.

(Following “App rating system” means the system for customer give review and rating, it does not mean the App Content/Age Rating )

Meanwhile the App rating system seems quite broken, we can’t prevent our App from competitor rating,  the App is great although it have some bugs, but it shouldn’t get one star most of the time ( 25 one star and only one 4 star right now ). There have nearly or over 10 competitor App on the market, I am not sure whether the rating system can make the rating honest and fair.

Maybe the five star rating should change similar to facebook’s thumb up and thumb down rating.

I think most of our user like our App actually, and they don’t want spend extra time to go to App Store and give a rating review, they just enjoy using the App.  So the real data maybe thousands of user like our App and they didn’t give rating, and just 25 user dislike our App and give a one star rating. So if the rating system can some how show most of the user didn’t give a rating and only a small fraction user give a one star rating, this maybe make the data more fair.

If you read the one star review, you can see there’s not much fair review or constructive review in there.  Someone say don’t buy it or don’t waste money, and someone say there’s missing one feature then give a one star.  It makes the Developer quite disappoint when read the review, because the words really hurts. So right now we just ignore the one star review, it just not reasonable for our hard working.

App user seems quite like give free App five star, our Windows Phone free App and Android free App got quite much five stars review from our user, the review is quite positive and make the developer full of energy to make the App better.

The rating sometime also influenced by competitor, if there’s many competitor or big competitor in the market,  we can find more bad rating review coming along. So currently the App rating system is quite flawed.