Photo EXIF Viewer for Mac V2.0

Photo EXIF Viewer help you view your photo’s EXIF information, if you are a photographer or DSLR/Camera user, you can use this App to view your photo’s EXIF information.

You can use the App to open file or folder, the App will load all photos when you open a folder, left panel will show the quick filter option include ISO/Focal Length/Aperture/Shutter Speed/Width/Height, you can click on them to filter photos by that criteria. Above right panel, there have a dropdown box allow you change scan photo folder depth, be careful of this option, the App will take much time to load if there are too much photo to load.

On the right you can view photo thumbnails, you can use the above slider to change photo size, there’s another dropdown box allow you change slideshow delays.

Photo EXIF Viewer Screenshot

You can click on thumbnail photo to view full photo in a separate window ,  or open a single photo file will also show this window. You can view some pre-defined color filter style on left panel, click on them will show the effect in main panel, you can save the filter photo by click on toolbar save button.

On right panel you can see all EXIF detail information, to safely share you photo with others or to internet, you can use the Clear EXIF toolbar button to clear the photo EXIF data.

Photo EXIF Viewer V2.0 Available in Mac App Store

Update: This App will merge to our new WIFI Control for Cameras as in-app product

MiP Robot Controller

MiP Robot Controller allow you to use your iPhone/iPad to control MiP Robot, if you have Pebble Watch, you can also use Pebble Watch (which connected to your iPhone/iPad) to control your MiP Robot.

MiP Robot Controller

You can find more about MiP Robot at

Robot control features include:
* Move forward/backward, turn around
* Change Color
* Make Fun sound

Pebble Watch App:

How to connect MiP robot?
First start your MiP robot, then start the App, it will automatically connect. If that failed to connect, please check following question to fix.

Can’t connect to robot, how to solve this?
There can only one App control MiP Robot, so first stop all App which connect to MiP Robot, then reopen the App which you want connect to MiP Robot. You can use following steps to stop App:
1. Press the Home button two times quickly. You’ll see small previews of your recently used apps.
2. Swipe left to find the app you want to close.
3. Swipe up on the app’s preview to close it.

Pebble Tools Pro for iOS

Pebbls Tools Pro for iOS is live today, you can find on App Store:

Pebble Tools Pro

Design quick actions and menu for your Pebble watch to control you phone to:

* Turn Flashlight on / off
* Make your phone vibrate
* Start camera and take photo
* Record audio and play the last record audio ( You can find record files in iTunes App File Sharing )
* Make Phone Call ( Enter phone number or select Contact number in the Setup Screen )
* Speak text ( Enter text to speak in the Setting Screen, you can set speak speed, volume and language )
* Show Photo

You can setup 10 actions for each menu, the up limit now is 10 menu and 90 actions. Use menu to group your actions, for example, you can setup call phone number actions to one menu (group).

1. Install and run the Watch app ‘Pebble Tools Pro’ on your Pebble Watch
2. Config actions and menus on your phone, touch the send button to send config to your Pebble Watch
3. Select action on your Pebble Watch to run it

Pebble Watch App:

Please send us email if you have any questions :

Or follow news on Pebble forum:


Pebble Tools Pro for Android

Pebble Tools Pro for Android

Available on Google Play , iOS version coming soon.

Use Pebble Tools Pro with your Pebble Watch to control your phone to:
* Make phone call to your family and friends
* Send SMS with your config number and message by one click on your Watch
* Take Photo
* Record audio and play the record audio 
* Turn Flashlight on / off 
* Change music/ring/notification volume
* Make your phone vibrate 
* Find your phone by Sound and Vibrate
* Make your phone speak/read text for you ( Your phone need support TTS and download the TTS language package. The first time of start TTS will take several seconds, so please wait it initialized. )
* And more will coming soon…

1. Create menu for group actions to quickly access them and find them.
2. Long touch on item to delete or rename them.
3. Max number action item under one menu is 10, so the max number is 10 menu and 90 action items for now.
4. Test run the actions by toggle the Design/Run mode on toolbar, touch on list item to run it in Run mode.

You can find the watchapp “Pebble Tools Pro” in Pebble App Store, or use this link :
1. Install and run the Watch app ‘Pebble Tools Pro’ on your Pebble Watch
2. Setup actions and menus on your phone, touch on the send button to sync to Watch
3. Select and run action on your Watch list


Sphero Robot Controller

sphero roobot controller





Available on Google Play

Sphero Robot Controller for Sphero allow you to use your Android Phone or Tablet to control Sphero Robot, if you have Pebble Watch or Android Wear Watch, you can also use Watch (which connected to your Phone or Tablet) to control your Sphero Robot.
You can find information about Sphero Robot here:
Sphero Robot control features include:
* Move forward/backward and turn
* Change Color
* Toggle BackLED on and off
* Sleep

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