Quick Remote For Mac – alternative to Alfred Remote

Quick Remote

Use Quick Remote on your iPhone or iPad to control your Mac with
“Quick Remote Server for Mac”, control your Mac to open App, play music, one touch to sleep or lock your Mac, and more. With Quick Remote, you can be more productive with your Mac!

Quick Remote Server for Mac available from http://qr.woiapp.com

1. Download and start Quick Remote Server on your Mac.
2. Start ‘Quick Remote’ on your iPhone or iPad, enter ip address showing on Mac Quick Remote ( enter port and password if you change it )
3. Touch connect.
4. Have fun and instantly be more productive!

iOS 1.1 version:
- Now you can define multiple tabs
- Basic mouse and keyboard control

iOS (iPhone and iPad):


Mac Server:

Alfred and Alfred Remote is great, so why build this one ?  It’s all about the price and affordable.  If you want control your iTunes with Alfred Remote, you need pay $4.99 (the iOS App) + $24.99 (The powerpack is needed to control iTunes on Mac), it costs about $30 to just control your Mac iTunes with your iPhone, it’s un-believable price. The Alfred Remote is quite simple UI interface and no complex features, it cost $4.99!!!